【MINECRAFT】About the heads


One of the most difficult item to obtain in minecraft Survival mode is the mob’s head.

There are various types of heads. There are various ways to get them, including those that can be obtained by defeating them and those that can be obtained by other mobs. This time, we will look at the detail at the head.

Types of the head

There are several types of heads. Let’s look at the characteristics of each of these.

Normal world

In the normal world, you can get 3 types of heads. Let’s look at its features.


As you can see, it is the head of a zombie.

It can be obtained by detonating with a charged creeper.

Mainly used for decoration and creeper fireworks.


This time is the skeleton head.

Similarly, it can be obtained by blasting a charged creeper.

The usage is the same, mainly for decoration and creeper fireworks.


The last is the creeper head.

The acquisition method is usually the same for all three types of the world, and it is a charged creeper.

However, usage is a little different. Of course, it can also be used for decoration and creeper-type fireworks, but with this head you can also make a creeper-type flag.

charged creeper

This creeper is different from a normal creeper. Its releasing a blue aura.

This is a special creeper named “Charging Creeper”. When lightning falls on a creeper, it becomes a charged creeper.

You can get the head by engulfing the mob in this creeper explosion.

However, if you want to throw lightning on this creeper, you need an item called “Trident” with an enchantment called “Thunder” after 1.13. Also, this trident item is one of the items that are difficult to obtain. If you explain in this article, you will be away from the spirit of the story
I will explain it in another article.

About Trident v (Preparing)

By throwing this trident on a creeper during a thunderstorm, lightning falls on the creeper and becomes a charged creeper.

In addition, this charged creeper explosion drops other heads by entraining other zombies, skeletons, and creepers, and this charged creeper explosion is extremely strong.
If you are a little far away, you will get involved in an explosion and die.

Therefore, it is recommended to equip a shield. If you are equipped with a shield, you will not receive direct damage from the explosion. However, caution is necessary because damage such as being blown behind by a blast is received.


In the end and nether, you can get a total of two types of heads. A wizard skeleton and the head of a dragon. These two heads are usually obtained differently from the world.

wither skeleton

Wither Skeleton’s head (skull) is a wither skeletons rare drop.

By defeating the Wizard Skeleton, 2.5% without enchantment,
drop increase I, 3.5%
drop increase II,4.5%
drop increase III, 5.5%
Drop with probability.

Wither skeletons can only be found in the Nether Fortress.


The last is Dragon Head.

There is always one head at the endship of the end.

The black one attached to the tip is the dragon head.

By the way, this endship building is worth exploring because it has Elitra and other treasures.


Have you enjoyed this article? I hope you enjoyed it, and I would be happy if it was helpful. The head is one of the things that are difficult to obtain, and various rare items can be involved besides the head, but please do your best to get it!



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